very pleased to announce the digital release of Golden Anniversary by Private Benjamin on 18th September through Tenement Records.

here’s the vid for True Love and below that is the Press Release

Ben Green’s strange trans-continental (Melbourne-Berlin-Barcelona-Bayonne) musical life has come to a cuck-rock climax with the release of GOLDEN ANNIVERSAY, his first solo-album, under his chosen nom de guerre, Private Benjamin

Deceptively familiar sounds and styles are mutated and put to the devil’s work on  possibly one of the most tortured and entertaining breakup albums in the history of history. Confused, beta-male arena anthems abound. 

Every misfit with artistic inclinations thinks that their breakups are unprecedented human catastrophes and Benjamin is no exception. In the years of regret and confusion following his greatest romantic catastrophe (to date) he laboured to make sense of every aspect of it, from the dizzying highs to the stygian lows, through the medium of bombastic, theatrical and idiosyncratic song

Luckily, as ill equipped as he obviously is at finding love, Ben has a wealth of experience to draw on when converting his agony into music. From teenage death-prog bands, to performing for Beastie Boy Mike D’s birthday on a wedding barge in Sydney harbour (with Hi Pass Filter), to dealing with Kool Keith while co-producing The Return Of Dr Octagon, and more recently blazing indie trails as one half of the noisy retro-futurist instrumental pop duo Civil Civic, his wildly promiscuous musical exploits have expanded his mind, stiffened his spine, and filled his veins with glorious venom

So here we have GOLDEN ANNIVERSARY, a rare glimpse of what goes on in this oddball veteran’s brain when he is all alone in his home studio, with nobody watching except the hideous ghosts of passion gone wrong. A blues record put through a computer algorithm designed by Jodorowsky. A doom metal record produced by ABBA. A deadly serious meditation on obsession, drug abuse, emotional dependancy, betrayal and insanity performed at screaming volume by a children’s party clown

Available through Tenement Records 18th September 2020