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George McFall: Diurnal Patio

New Album/Mixtape ‘Diurnal Patio’ by Musician/Artist George McFall available for free download from Tenement Records Bandcamp page from March 22nd 2021. McFall has released several records over the years including 2019 LP XIV:Surrounder and 2020 single The Boyfriend (Tenement Records/Damaged Goods)
Made using samples of 80’s, Scottish celtic-rock band Big Country, Diurnal Patio is a collection of original songs with lyrical themes relating to topics such as Scotland, the North, post-industrialism, globalization, tourism, addiction and mental health.
Big Country were George’s favourite band from around the age of seven years old. It was at this age that George moved from the south of England to Edinburgh and quickly had to acclimatise to the new cultural landscape he found himself in. One way he did this was by immersing himself in the quixotic resonance of Stuart Adamson’s bagpipe-guitar sounds on records such as BC’s classic debut ‘The Crossing’ which his father had bought for him shortly after arriving in Scotland. BC’s gallant tones alleviated George’s south/north transition but were inevitably dropped a few years later for his passage into adolescence which required chaperones of an edgier, more irascible nature (Beefheart, the Fall et al).
Following a sustained fall from adolescence, George found himself revisiting BC’s records many years later and rediscovered in the group’s music a melancholic sense of longing in Stuart Adamson’s voice and musical expression. Even the name ‘Big Country’ evoked an imagined ideal of America, far removed from Adamson’s native Dunfermline in Fife. Adamson eventually moved to America in the 90s, however after a failed marriage and relapse back into addiction, he tragically took his own life in 2001.
From the clattering, industrial opener ‘Welcome To The Old World’ to the relentless emotional wash of ‘Diurnal Patio’ (Patio being Latin for ‘I Suffer’) through the Ballardian, Belgian-New-Beat as interpreted by Chrome of Airport Hotel, and on to the album’s epic state-of-the-nation closer ‘Cold Feet of the Northern Races’ this is, as with previous releases, a genre traversing and promiscuous record.
George would like to point out that, despite wanting to maintain the illusion of a window on the world, the salient themes of isolation and alienation are not specific to any current global circumstances as a lot of the record was written prior to 2019.

press for previous releases:

‘pleasingly cinematic with a dark undercurrent’ Brooklyn Vegan
‘eloquent and precise’ The Quietus
‘Disturbed synth-pop’ Q magazine
‘Weird, woozy abrasive synth/feedback tunes’ Metro

Written and recorded by George McFall, mixed by Ali Moniack
Embroidery of Torness Power Station by Laura Lees, cover design by Kieron Livingstone 


released March 22, 2021