“an orgy of bombastic riffs and gonzo sloganeering” Q magazine

“wonky narco-pop from excellently named band” Kerrang

“absurd glam” NME

“an album that teems with caustic epigrams and gems of insight” The Quietus

“an emergent force to be reckoned with” The Stool Pigeon

“improbably thrilling”

“bulging with ideas and slapping genres with glee, stupidly fun and subtley intelligent” The Skinny

“a genre pulverising melting pot of post punk, prog tinged, krautrock bothering, intelligent glam rock” Clash magazine

Clean George IV was/is Tenement Records founding father George McFall and friends. They released an album  in 2012, God Save The Clean, which was written about positively in the national press and played a bit on the radio. He continues to record and release music, currently under the condensed CGIV moniker.