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Tenement Records is pleased to announce the release of God Save The Clean by Clean George IV on 16th January 2012. It is a modern British pop/rock epic, the sound of one mans very singular worldview. The last time George released a record (2007′s ‘First Blast Of The Trumpet Against The Monstrous Regiment Of Women’ included here in a new version) it received extensive play on radio’s 1,2 and 6 making several end of year lists and scoring them live sessions with Huw Stevens and Vic Galloway on their radio 1 shows. Soon afterwards the band went on hiatus for various reasons, mainly astrological and geographical. George moved back to Edinburgh and joined myriad side projects, attempted to undertake a classical music degree, got sued by Kraftwerk and co-wrote and produced a few albums with various friends in various places. He eventually decided to tackle finishing this album with the help of band member and record producer Tom Morris and his brother Tom McFall, also a producer and engineer. It is an album with more than its fair share of bombast and ambition. From the swaggering anti-cocaine anthem ‘Real Men Take Speed’ through the power pomp of ‘Winter Son’ and the post-landfill gloom of ‘Fat=dead’ this is a record made up of conflicting elements from many disparate genres, all underpinned by George’s cosmic deadpan. Other highlights include ‘London Scotland’, first single ‘Pets in the Blitz’ and album closer ‘Ex-Life’.

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